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Addiction is not a disease that can be “cured.” Rather, it can be sent into remission. After medical detox and recovery treatment therapy have been completed, it is important for patients to have a plan for addiction aftercare. Addiction aftercare can include a combination of individual and group therapy, sober living arrangements, and meeting programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Patients who need help planning life after recovery can call Alcohol Treatment Centers, Salem at (503) 339-1421. An addiction specialist will be standing by to speak with you.

A Definition of Addiction Aftercare

Addiction aftercare is a term that describes any treatments or interventions for a patient who has completed initial treatment. This often refers to programs that offer additional support to addicts who have just left the residential part of their rehabilitation program.

Common aftercare options can include:

  • Support groups
  • Continued individual, group, or family counseling
  • Follow-up meetings

The purpose of creating an aftercare plan is to give addicts a strong sense of support and arm them with the tools they need to avoid relapsing back into their former substance abuse.

The Needed Relapse Reality Check

Some former rehab patients resist the idea of staying in a treatment-related environment. Although an addict may believe that they are “cured” of their addiction and can return to life right after treatment, the statistics say otherwise. Most patients who leave treatment have a high chance of lapsing (one-time use) or relapsing (continued use) after leaving a rehab program. The chance of a lapse or a relapse is almost halved by implementing a good addiction aftercare plan.

When an addict first returns to their life, they can be ill-equipped to deal with the initial wane in motivation or assume that they can safely use again without returning to addiction. They react to these struggles by losing hope and returning to their old habits, which in turn can result in a return to their drug and alcohol use.

Good aftercare will prepare addicts for the challenges and temptations that they will face as they re-enter their lives sober. Some options that are offered to newly-sober addicts include:

  • 12-Step Programs, which can foster healthy social interaction between people in recovery.
  • Booster Sessions, which teach addicts to review their experiences and learn new coping skills.
  • Counseling Sessions, which give those in recovery a chance to talk through their struggles.
  • Dual Diagnosis Support, which treats mental illnesses that worsened or were caused by an addict’s substance abuse.

It is possible to learn to live the rest of one’s life without using drugs or alcohol. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers, Salem at (503) 339-1421 to learn more today.

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