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Alcohol and drug addiction is often more complex than people realize. There are layers to treatment, beginning with careful detoxification and ending with continued psychotherapy and recovery community work. The truth is that a substance abuse problem never really goes away—it can only be sent into remission to allow an addict to live a more fulfilling life.

Medical detox is the first and most important step of any alcohol and rehab recovery program. It allows users a fresh start. Finding a reputable program is easy with help from Alcohol and Drug Medical Detox Centers, Salem. Our experts can connect addicts and their families with the right treatment programs when they call (503)-339-1421.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the process and time period in which an addicted person has addictive substances removed from their system through natural or medical means.

It is also the time period in which a person goes through withdrawal symptoms because of their physical and mental dependence upon the substance in question. The worst of the withdrawal symptoms occur while the addictive substance is leaving the system and immediately thereafter though residual withdrawals can last for several days or even longer after the detox process is complete.

What Is Drug Medical Detox?

Medical detox involves coming off of drugs or alcohol while under the direct supervision of highly trained professionals. This means that a person will detox in a recovery treatment center setting in which medical practitioners and substance abuse experts oversee the process.

In a medical setting, a person going through detox and difficult withdrawal symptoms will have their vital signs checked frequently, may be given IV fluids to prevent dehydration, and may receive other medical interventions as need be. This process also allows the person going through the process to do so gradually through the use of controlled doses of prescription medications.

Why Is Medical Detox Preferable To Home Detox?

Many people think that they are somehow stronger or better equipped to handle the difficult process of detoxing and going through withdrawals that others. As such, they often try (and fail) repeatedly to go through the process at home, alone. However, not only is this ill-advised but can also be dangerous to a person’s health.

When a person becomes a drug addict, they do not just develop a mental or emotional dependence but also a physical one. The chemistry within the brain and body change so that the person cannot experience certain feelings or sensations such as euphoria or relaxation without that substance in their body. This physical dependence causes the body to react in extreme ways when deprived of the drug. This can be extremely frightening and painful, possibly even dangerous.

As such, detoxing at home has a high rate of relapse and can put the person attempting to quit abusing substances in medical danger. Whether the worst symptoms of withdrawals occur in a certain person’s detox process or not cannot be determined beforehand. As such, detox in a medical facility or setting is the safest bet and has the biggest chance of success.

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