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When a person suffers from a substance abuse problem, it can take over their entire life. And while many people think that they understand drug or alcohol dependence, most who have not had firsthand experience with it do not. These are the people who think that a brief stay in one of many drug treatment centers will cure the disease permanently with no further work necessary.

However, this is not the case. While rehab centers are vital in dealing with drug and alcohol problems, addiction is complicated and requires continued treatments.

Get to know more about substance abuse so that you know how to handle it should it affect you or someone you care about. Call Drug Treatment Centers, Salem at (503)-339-1421 and find out how you or someone you love can enter a rehabilitation program to begin recovery.

What Constitutes A Drug Addiction?

A person is considered to be addicted to a substance if they have developed a physical, mental, and/or emotional dependence on that substance. Drug addiction is considered a brain disorder in medical terms. This is because when one of these substances enters the body, it causes a chemical reaction in the brain. Certain neurons are triggered and/or blocked from operating properly.

When this happens, the drug itself induces a physical and/or mental state that is pleasurable or calming, an effect that usually occurs in the human body due to hormones and chemicals released by the brain itself. However, the brain’s chemistry is altered so that it can no longer have that effect naturally. As such to feel pleasure, euphoria, or other sensations, the body becomes dependent on that substance.

What Are The Drug Addiction Treatment Options?

There are two main type of rehabilitation treatment programs available. One is residential treatment which occurs in a recovery treatment center or rehab facility. The other is outpatient treatment in which the patient visits a facility, hospital, or counseling center to receive treatment but does not stay there full-time.

In a residential treatment center, a person suffering from an addiction checks themselves in and signs a release to undergo rehab treatment full-time. The first step in this treatment is detox. This is the process of eliminating the drug from the person’s system. Undergoing this step in a treatment facility will ensure that the detox is completed successfully and that the patient is kept healthy and safe in the process as withdrawal symptoms can be intense and dangerous in most cases.

Once detox is complete, the patient will begin a variety of therapies including group and individual counseling to uncover and deal with behaviors that precipitate addictive behaviors, how to cope with triggers, and how to remain sober going forward. Additional treatment options can include art therapy, equine therapy, and even chiropractic care and acupuncture to handle residual pain and stimulate the body to rebalance.

In the case of outpatient treatment, a patient can partake in all of these treatments but will not do so in a controlled environment and may be more susceptible to relapse as they have more opportunity to engage in addictive behaviors. Outpatient care is best for patients who have a strong support group at home that will help to ensure they do not resume previous behaviors and activities.

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