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Taking the monumental step of admitting that you have a drug or alcohol addiction can be an overwhelming and frightening process. Still, making that first step opens up the opportunity to begin recovering from your substance abuse and beginning a new, healthier life. Once you have decided to pursue sobriety, the next step is to find a professional rehab recovery program.

A good recovery program will cover medical detox, behavioral therapy, and supportive aftercare. To find a professional rehab treatment center, call Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, Salem at (503) 339-1421.

Addiction Recovery Models

When it comes to addiction recovery programs, there are three basic models that professionals base treatments on. These models are often combined to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible.

The Motivational Interviewing Model

The motivational interviewing model places a major emphasis upon the relationship between the recovering addict and the therapist they work with. In this model of treatment, the counselor serves as a sort of ally for the recovering addict in the treatment and recovery process.

This alliance helps the patient to build a trusting bond or relationship with their therapist because they know and feel that the therapist is on their side and wants them to succeed. For recovering addicts who have had abusive relationships with authority figures in the past or who have a general mistrust of other people, this type of therapy can help them to open up and get the treatment they need without feeling intimidated or threatened.

The Cognitive/Behavioral Model

The cognitive/behavioral model of addiction recovery focuses on the underlying behaviors and feelings that cause a person to engage in addictive behavior and develop a substance abuse problem. Through individual and group therapy, the recovering addict learns what led them to develop an addiction, how to properly cope with those underlying issues, and how to avoid triggers and relapses through using these various coping strategies.

The Motivational Incentives Model

Motivational incentives are essentially what they sound like. They are rewards or outward incentives used in the addiction recovery process to get patients who may be reluctant or resistant to attend and participate in their various addiction treatments. This motivational technique can be slowly phased out of treatment as those patients get over their withdrawal symptoms and begin to find value in their treatments for reasons other than tangible rewards.

Recovery Treatments

Within the recovery programs, various different treatment options are available as well. These can include:

  • Art Therapy: A treatment in which patients learn to express emotions through artistic creating including painting, sculpture, pottery, drawing, and even writing stories or poetry.
  • Equine Therapy: A treatment in which patients work with and interact with a horse to help build emotional awareness as well as build trusting relationships with others.
  • Individual Counseling: A treatment option that involves one-on-one meetings with a therapist or counselor to discuss and explore underlying issues and mental health problems that cause addictive behaviors, uncover past traumas and develop coping mechanisms for handling these issues now and in the future.

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